GBoW – Episode 24

November 27th, 2017 · 1 hr 17 mins

About this Episode

All teary eyed and clutching at the empty void that is known in the medical society as PSS (Post Stahleck Syndrome), your brave hosts of the Great Beards of Westeros are here to melt your cold hearts with warm, soothing voices and silky smooth beards.

There’s always a first, and we have a couple of firsts on this one. The big one that will echo through the barbershops in Flea Bottom and on the Street of Silk alike is that one of the main hosts, Jakob Hultman, went down with PSC (Post Stahleck Cold) just hours before recording. Frequent contributor and one of the greatest beards in the community, Even Sørgjerd, stepped up in a big way to co-host on this episode.

We also have our first Finnish guest, and it is none other than Johannes Järvinen – newly crowned Stahleck melee champion and one of the members of Team Finland that made such a huge splash in Germany last weekend.

In this episode we also discuss the impact the newly released chapter pack will have on probably the strongest decks in the beard meta. Prepare for it to wreak havoc this Store Championship season.

Also: beard products (from Finland!), and a language lesson!

The beard wax and beard oils on this week’s episode is from Partawa, Go buy their stuff!

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