GBoW - Episode 2

March 28th, 2016 · 44 mins 57 secs

About this Episode

We're back again for another episode of Great Beards of Westeros, and this time we bring a guest – the one and only Ryan Jones! (Well, technically Buzz was a guest on the first episode but obviously it was all a ruse).

Apart from fan favorite segments as "Honorable Mention" (which this week takes an interesting turn), we're honored to introduce an exclusive spoiler (or spoler, pick your version) of an upcoming card!

Unfortunately, Buzz was stranded in a hotel room feeling under the weather which meant that we couldn't produce any video for this episode. Check out Ryan's Facebook profile for some bearded goodness while you enjoy the audio-only version of this episode!

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Video version is at the Agot Nordic Youtube channel: (though no video this week!)



Topic of the Week

  • Tier 1 decks and their beardliness.

Beard of the Week

(Dis)honorable mention

This just in

  • A New Spoiler!

Tonic of the Week

Intro music by BrewHouse Music, used under Creative Commons license.