GBoW – Episode 16

March 13th, 2017 · 1 hr 14 mins

About this Episode

This week we're joined by none other than Joshua Chambers in an episode that will leave you wanting more!

Our program was already packed with hot topics when SPOLERS arrived by raven from the FFQ HQ. Now, what is your favorite podcast discussing Thrones and beards to do in a situation like this? Do we delay? Save the spolers for another day? Nay, we give you MORE podcast in one episode instead!

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  • We’re honoured to have Joshua Chambers on this week. Learn exactly how many HFK you should play in your Tyrell decks.

Topic(s) of the Week

  • What’s up with he plots in the latest chapter pack?
  • The ”opponent deck checks you” controversy and the possible impact on Thrones.
  • Why is Josh’s hair not ginger when his beard is a bright orange?


Tonic of the week


  • Swedish Lessons: ”Tveskägg”

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