GBoW - Episode 12

August 26th, 2016 · 53 mins 24 secs

About this Episode

The Great Beards of Westeros are back for another episode, this time featuring a most honored guest: Evan Johnson, marketing writer for some random game publisher that no one has heard of, ever.

We're discussing the post-GenCon meta, preparing for worlds, the impact of the new seasons agendas, and much more!

Also: spoilers! We preview two very interesting cards from the upcoming Lannister deluxe expansion, Lions of Casterly Rock.

Please note: we had issues with our podcasting service this week meaning the audio editing took a lot more time and creativity than usual. Hopefully you won't notice too much, but keep it in mind if you hear something that sounds a bit off.

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  • Evan Johnson - Marketing Writer at Fantasy Flight Games

Topic of the Week

  • A look at the post-Gen Con meta and how we expect it to change before Worlds
  • Discussion of how Chris Schoenthal’s beard clearly led him to victory at Gen Con and speculation about what that means for Worlds

This just in

  • Spoilers!

Tonic of the Week


  • Swedish Lessons "Varberg Morghulis Special": Bunnbra(u)

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