GBoW - Episode 11

August 4th, 2016 · 49 mins 17 secs

About this Episode

Dear folks of this fine community, we today bring you rumours of a sighting of the mythical beast called the Great Beards of Westeros.

Sadly this time it is not the full squadron of beards, as the cast is lacking not two, but one, beard. Buzz plans got foiled (#tangledinthebeards) and the brothers had to step up without him, scraping together what leftover cards/food items/beer bottles they could find in their facial hair.

Alas! What they did find will surprise you (#clickbait), as they bring you #SPOLERS. Two cards from the upcoming Called to Arms pack.

Also, GenCon previews, a rummage in the old 1.0 archives, and naturally a tonic of the week.

Enjoy. (No video version this week. Please gaze upon a bearded portrait of your choice while listening for the ultimate experience.)

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  • We preview GenCon!

Topic of the Week

  • Summer Beards!


  • We're not giving them away in the shownotes, are we?

Beard of the week

Honorable mention

Dishonorable mention

Tonic of the Week


  • Swedish Lessons: Sommarskägg

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